Zamparini blames Delio Rossi for Palermo defeat

Palermo fell to a 2-4 home defeat to Fiorentina yesterday. The Rosanero President was far from happy and accused manager Delio Rossi of being fully responsible for the defeat.
In the post match press conference the controversial President said “It’s all Delio Rossi’s fault. My patience is at an end.” Followed by “I was right, it is all Rossi’s fault,”
This is not the first outburst from Zamparini who was clearly furious that Palermo had lost in such a way, he continued “Rossi is a great Coach, but he needs to do something to fix the defence. I can’t be the one to come down from the stands to tell him what to do. We cannot lose this way. My patience is at an end and Rossi has got to fix the defence.”
The Palermo Coach was very calm upon hearing this criticism and said “We are a team who have a certain balance, things didn’t go well today and we paid a heavy price for certain errors. Our players are more focused on the attack, so a distraction at the back can be damaging. What happened today does not change our ambitions. We are a good side.”
Palermo lie in seventh place in Serie A and are only four points of the Champions League places. Rossi still believes that this can be achieved and also was relaxed about his relationship with the President. He said that “We have different viewpoints on certain things, but I find it absurd that fans organise a petition to make us reconcile. In order to reconcile, you have to have a split first. It’s silly.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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