Zamparini: “I would not trade Pastore and Hernandez with Totti”

According to the outspoken President of Palermo Mauro Zamparini, Roma captain Francesco Totti is no longer a champion, regardless of his recent run of form. Corriere dello Sport quoted Zamparini speaking out against Er Purpone in a press conference this morning:
“He is the king of Rome? In Palermo but there are no kings, but there is a team. I confirm that I would not trade Pastore and Hernandez with Totti. Totti is a former champion.”
Totti, fresh off the heals of breaking Roberto Baggio’s goal record with his 206th goal in Serie A and 14th of the season, obviously begged to differ after his side’s crucial win over Bari on Sunday:
“This is a very special record and it’s very important for me, so I myself enjoyed designing a t-shirt to celebrate this unforgettable moment. It reads ‘The King of Rome is not dead’.”
Aside from goading the Roma captain, Zamparini took a moment to speak on the future of Delio Rossi:
“There is a 90% chance our coach will stay with us. Because he’s like my wife: you can fight, but I keep it for me. At the end of the season we meet, man to man, and we’ll see if we find harmony…” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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