Zarate to stay at Lazio

There have been rumours that Mauro Zarate is going to leave Lazio in the summer due to the fact he is unhappy at being played out of position. The Argentine has been quick to deny that this is the case and has instead enthused about the upcoming derby.
Serie A’’s top clubs had been put on alert about the 23-year-old when his agent and brother told Radio Manà Manà: ““I’m not happy with the position in which Mauro played against Palermo. Mauro is not a wing-back”.” Sergio Zarate went on to describe his brothers frustrations and claimed the situation was destroying him as a player.
The Argentine agent however, was keen to make it clear that his brother would honour his contract: ““The future? We still have a three-year contract with Lazio and we want to respect it, unless a club come in ready to make a deal with Lotito. This is another story.”
Mauro Zarate had been speaking to Lazio Style Radio this week and had been eagerly anticipating the up coming derby: ““I hope to play a great game and if I score then I’ll go to celebrate under the Curva Nord. If the Coach makes me take the free kicks, then I can even go in goal. I don’t mind working for the team, just as I did against Palermo.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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